Rainbow Gallery - Sparkle Braid Collection

This exciting metallic line has the most glitz ever!
Very Fine Bright Metallic Braid, hand washable, 100% polyester and easier than filament.
For fine work or combinging with other threads.
Available in 46 sparkling colours.
Each card holds 20 yards

Sparkle Braid is a tightly twisted 4 strand metallic that is very easy to use.
It can replace troublesome blending filaments since it is much easier to control.
One strand equals about two strands of blending filament.
It is an excellent carry along thread to use with cotton and silk flosses. Use two strands for 18 ct needlepoint.
It has a wonderful two-tone sparkle that shows up well alone or combined with other threads.
Makes beautiful French Knots and twisted cords too.

Basketweave on 18 count with 2 plies, or use 1 ply for light background coverage.
Excellent for cross stitch up to 35 count over 2