Rainbow Gallery - Treasure Braid Petite

Petite Treasure Braid is an extremely versatile three ply metallic braid, durable and easy to stitch with, generally replacing a #4 braid at half the cost per yard. You can avoid the entanglement of plying up normal blending filaments and get the same look. This braid will allow you to insert a metallic effect without overwhelming the other colors in your stitched design. These threads can also be double or triple plied to achieve the same weight of a #6 or #9 braid.

Petite Treasure Braid can be used for very fine work when doing needlepoint as well as for cross stitching on 14-36 count fabrics or combined with other types of threads.

Made with 65% Rayon, 35% Metalized Polyester.

25 Yards (22.8 Meters) per card.