Watercolours - Caron Collection

Watercolours is a 3-ply hand-dyed pima cotton available in many variegated colours. This thread is very soft with a silky sheen, especially if you use it with long, flat stitches.
When separated, one ply is about the same size as six strands of regular cotton embroidery floss, the same weight as pearl cotton #5, or one ply of Persian wool.

We suggest using on strand of floss on most counts of Aida and evenweave fabrics.
Although dyes used are colour-fast, it is best to test for bleeding especially darker colours like red.
Each skein contains 10 yards.

Please keep in mind that due computer monitor hue variations, the display may show a different shade of the actual colour.
Due to the hand dyed process, this floss is entirely unique with no thread conversions available.