Spring 2011 Stoney Creek Magazine

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Spring 2011 Stoney Creek Magazine

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Designer/Publisher:Stoney Creek Magazine

Spring Flowers: a collage of daffodils, pansies, violets and the Bible verse from Ez. 34:26 (150w x 150h Stitches)

Candy Cane Snowman: the 2011 Snowfriends Ornament Series (32w x 35h Stitches)

Twiggy Snowman: the 2011 Snowfriends Ornament Series (36w x 36h Stitches)

Sailing: border design of sailboats, life preservers, dolphins and a lighthouse--shown stitched on a bath towel and bib (135w x 43h--Towel; 50w x 21h--Bib)

Flip Flops: Children's Corner--shown as a coaster (28w x 28h Stitches)

Tropical Paradise: flamingos, palm trees and tropical flowers (177w x 82h Stitches--Main design with words "Welcome: Just another day in paradise; 177w x 36h Stitches--Bath Towel tropical flowers; 177w x 35h Stitches--Hand Towel tropical flower cluster)

Hummingbird Wisdom: hummingbird and flowers with saying, "Regret looks back, Worried looks around, Faith looks up" (100w x 159h Stitches)

Graduation Goals: G-R-A-D-U-A-T-E letter blocks and "believe-dream" tree frame the words, "Grow in Grace, Reach for the Stars, Aim to Achieve, Define your Destination, Unearth the World around you, Appreciate Family and Friends, Treasure the Good Times, Embrace your Future with Hope and Joy" (97w x 172h Stitches)

Graduation Sentiments: whimsical collection of inspiring sentiments, "Reach for the Stars, Follow your Heart, Embrace Life, Count your Blessings, Imagine the Possibilities" (83w x 136h Stitches)

Prayer Connection: Easy on the Eyes: strawberries, thistles and butterflies surround the saying, "PRAYER the world's greatest wireless connection" (94w x 60h Stitches)

Dad: collection of nautical designs including lighthouse, sailboat, buoy, anchor, life preserver, shells and the words, "DAD lights up my life, anchors my heart, buoys my spirits, sails with my dreams. Dad my lifesaver" (114w x 117h Stitches)

Golf: G-O-L-F letters with golf ball as the "O" with golf club heads and the saying, "...is not a matter of life and death. It's much more important than that" (99w x 69h Stitches)

Gone Fishing: display of fishing lures, bobbers and a watch with a sign that reads, "If the hat's missin' I've gone fishin'" (110w x 127h Stitches)

Wine a Little: wine glasses and grapes flank border design with the words, "Wine a little, you'll feel better"--shown on a wine bottle apron and Madagascar towel (120w x 36h Stitches)

Sweet Garden: collection of six garden designs including a watering can, bluebird, floral topiary, country cottage, stack of flowerpots and the words "Garden Sweet Garden" (165w x 130h Stitches)

Barnyard Towels: Stitch your choice of four farm animal border designs--shown on assorted colors of Milano towels (Pig--97w x 36h Stitches) (Cow--110w x 37h Stitches) (Sheep--109w x 36h Stitches) (Goose--103w x 37h Stitches)

Congrats: small graduation design that can be personalized) (101w x 43h Stitches)

Nautical Speak: sampler style designs features signal flags that spell out complete alphabet and numbers 0-9 (94w x 142h Stitches)

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