December 2010 - Stoney Creek Magazine

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December 2010 - Stoney Creek  Magazine

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Designer/Publisher: Stoney Creek

What's inside.

Noel & Believe: 2010 Christmas Words Countdown to Christmas Ornament series
Stitch COunt: 35 x 33

Keep Christmas in Your Heart:
It Reads: "Keep Christmas always in your heart... especially the Jesus part"
Stitch Count: 141 x 61

Tree & Holly: Easy-to-stitch patchwork Christmas tree
Stitch Count: 61 x 92

Happy Christmas Bell Pull: Festive banner featuring reindeer, trees, candy canes,
Santa faces, angels, toy soldiers and more. Displayed on hand-painted wooden
Santa bell pull
Stitch Count: 58 x 238

Letter to Santa: Coaster with 3 stockings
It Reads: "Dear Santa, I can EXPLAIN..."
Stitch Count: 19 x 80

Faith - Family - Friends Bookmark: Lace bookmark with stitched roses
Stitch Count: 28 x 117

Cross Stitch Stand Up: Gold needle and large scissors charm
It Reads: "Busy hands do their part when stitching treasures that warm the heart"
Stitch Count: 60 x 88

Daisy Bag: Recycleable cloth bag with cross-stitched daisy insert
Stitch Count: 80 x 20

Easy on the Eyes: Baskets of Love for Every Season
(Mini basket designs: Winter Holly, Spring Pansy, Autumn Oak, and Summer Daisy)
Stitch Count: 28 x 28 each

Monogrammed Towels: Monograms and optional scroll for five different colored bath
and hand towels
Stitch Count: 104 x 45

Tart Tin Snowflake Ornaments: six white snowflakes stitched on navy and displayed
in tart tins
Stitch Count: 29 x 29

Quilted Hearts Garden Collectors'Series: Blocks 47, 48, 49 and fringing and finishing
Stitch Count: 93 x 113 per Block

Still Waters: Sixth design in Stepping Stones series features cattails
It Reads: "He leads me beside still waters"
Stitch Count: 90 x 90

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