Crossed Wing Fabric Collection

Our goal is to create a unique fabric on which to stitch that special project---by hand painting with fabric dye rather than immersion in a dye bath.
Each piece of 28-count 100% fabric is washed in a special detergent to remove sizing, soaked in an activator to help the fabric better take the dye,
then laid out flat and painted, blending several colors to achieve a subtle mottling.
It then cures for 24 to 48 hours, after which it is washed several times in hot water and detergent to remove excess dye, making it color-fast.
After drying and pressing it is ready for your needle and thread--and your imagination!
We primarily dye 28ct. Permin linen, because of the intensity of the color we can achieve, but we will do other fabrics, linens, Aida cloth, Lugana, etc.
Just inquire if you have another in mind.