Conquer your sewing machine - AUGUST

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Conquer your sewing machine - AUGUST

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Day Classes: 3pm

August 24

Evening Classes:



Class Cost:  $25

(Includes 1 Class, 3-4 hours)

Do you have a sewing machine lurking in your home that just scares the be-jesus out of you? Well let us help you sew with confidence! From learning the parts of your machine, to cleaning and basic sew skills, we will take the "omg" out of your sewing experience and turn you into a regular sewing queen! No more hesitation when sewing!


Topics Covered:

- parts of your sewing machine
- threading and different threads
- adjusting tension and stitch length
- Cutting tools, rulers and marking tools
- Breifly touch on different presser feet
- and we will finish with a project you can take home!


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