22ct Pre-Squared Fabric

Try this amazing and Easy Stitching Fabric...No need to count!!!
Used in all Solaria Gallery's Designs

This special fabric is divided with one dark yellow line at intervals of 20 threads.
Each square corresponds to the squares of the chart. Whether you are a beginner or experienced stitcher, you project will be completed in half of the time.

1. NO Counting
2. Your projects will be completed at least three times faster.
3. Every beginner is able to stitch even the most complicated designs.
4. Able to start stitching wherever you want.
5. Saves time when stitching big areas with one colour, and less colour changes.
6. Stitching on this fabric reduces chance for mistakes.
7. When the project is finished the yellow threads are covered.
8. Made with 100% cotton, this fabric has been used in Europe for more than 150 years with a huge success.
9. It is very easy to calculate the size of the fabric you need.
example for design with detail: 280H x 200W
280:20=14sq. + 4 sq. extra (2 for each side)=18 sq.
200:20=10sq. + 4 sq. extra=14sq. - the size will be 18 sq. x 14 sq.